Membership Fee: AUD50 per year – No Other Fee/Commission
(For Brides/Grooms living in India - AUD25 per year)

How It Works

How It Works?


To find a suitable partner:  

  • You should become a member of
  • To become a member you should have a valid email address and a phone number



The process has 3 stages

  1. Complete the basic online form
  2. Check your matches
  3. Communicating with the other matching member(s)


Stage one - Complete the basic online form

Please access

a)d) Click New User button


b) Fill the basic form


c) You will get an email with the link for your inbox(E-mail) then activate that link within 24 hours If you are using Hotmail, please check your Junk Mail 


d) Once you activate the link it will take you to our website to complete the rest of your details with three remaining sections


e) You have to complete all three sections and the last section is your partner preference


f) Under Partner Preference (most important section with 7 questions), you have to select the country of Origin as India, this way you will get partners born for Indian parents but they may live in Australia or other countries depending on your answer for the Country of Residency question under Partner Preference


g) After that admin will verify your record for data accuracy then will get approved. If you have entered your data incorrectly then admin will call you or email you


h) After this process, only you can see suitable matches


Stage two : Check your Matches

a) You will be able to see records only matches your Partner Preference with other member’s partner preference. Our system doesn't allow you to check all our records due to Privacy. 


b) You have suitable matches but you cannot see other parties e-mail address or phone number for privacy issue and also your phone number and e-mail won't be shown to the other party


Process of sending Expression of interest and accepting matching parties request.

i)) Use the View button to check the details of each matching record.

ii)If you like a record to proceed you have to press the “Expression of Interest” Button and this will be informed to the other party via e-mail only

iii)If the other party willing to proceed, they will press a button called “Accept”

Iv) Once the other party accepts you will get an email. 

v) After this process your contact details will be given to the other matching member who sends an Expression of Interest and vice versa



Stage three- Contacting between members

When both parties(the member who sends an Expression of Interest and the matching member who accepts) will have contact details

ii) Either party can contact, Exchange further details 

III) During this process Admin won’t be involved in communication

iv) Supply of personal information is up to both party’s discretion. 


Further buttons used in the system


Each member will see a Button called Send Response button across each record. This button works as one-way communication button. When you click this button, the other party will receive an email without showing your email address. The matching party can log in to the system and use the Send response button, answer any questions raised by the sender, and attach any files that sender requested. At this time you cannot see sender’s email address. This way you can exchange photographs between parties.

  1. Please note Send Response button will work until both parties ready to talk, that is one party Express Interest and other party accepts. 



a) Each matching record will be shown a button called NOT PROCEEDING”


b) I do not like to show your record to a matching member, please click Not Proceeding. 


  1. If you change your mind in the future you can undo this process by clicking “UNDO NOT PROCEEDING”